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TOP SCORE 2014 1st Round Kernans March  22/3/14

Score Sheet 1m Points
Rider Horse  
Lucinda Kinghan Lady 8
Natalie Kinghan Coco 7
Paul Mc Phillips Milly 10
Eve Macklin Jess 9
Adam Garland Sam 2
Ella Garland Harry 2
Gemma Treanor Monty 6
  90cm points
Rider Horse  
Aaron Evans Justy 3
Sophie Kinghan Rocky 3
Lucinda Kinghan Lady 7
Gemma Treanor Monty 3
Michaela Donnelly Champ 0
Ella Garland Harry 5
Adam Garland Sam 4
Cliodhna Mc Ardle Freddie 3
Orla Henry Ranger 6
Nora Faye Misses Mischief 10
Orla Henry Diago 8
Paul Mc Phillips Fireball 9
paul Mc Phillips Gem 3
  80 cm faults
Rider Horse  
Aaron Evans Justy 12
Sophie Kinghan Rocky 0
Lucinda Kinghan Sebastion 0
Michaela Donnelly Champ 4
Cliodhna Mc Ardle Freddie 0
Mark Mc Phillips Fireball 0
Orla Henry Keagans Boy 0
Amy Drury Dusty 12
Nora Faye Misses Mischief 4
65cm faults
Rider Horse  
Darragh Evans Justy 0
Chloe Mc Bride Freddy 4
Seanie Donnelly Bailey 4
Claire Hawthorne Hugo 4
Rachel Young Chancer 8
Amy Drury Dusty 0
Aoibha Treanor Frankie 0
  50cm Faults
Rider Horse  
Darragh Evans Justy 8
Caoimhe Treanor Starry 0
Claire Hawthorne Hugo 0
Seanie Donnelly Bailey 0
Rachel Young Chancer 4
Score Sheet X Poles Date
Rider Horse  
Caoimhe Treanor Starry 0
Aoibha Treanor Frankie 0
Seanie Donnelly Bailey 0



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Cavan / Monaghan Top Score Final held at Castle Leslie Equestrian Center 14th October 2012

50cm 1st Seanie Donnelly Monaghan, Claire Hawthorne Cavan,2nd mark mc Phillips Monaghan, 3rd Aron Mc Ardle Monaghan

50cm League Winner Trophy Orla Henry Cavan

65cm Clear rounds 1st Michaela Donnelly Monaghan,1st Eva Connolly Monaghan,

1st Paul Mc Phillips Monaghan , 1st Avril Mackarel Monaghan, 2nd Orla Henry Cavan

80cm 1s Ella Garland Monaghan, 2nd Freda Dolan Cavan, 3rd Gemma Treanor Monaghan

90cm 1st Eve Macklin Monaghan, 2nd Loraine Trenier Cavan, 3rd Alice Clarke Cavan

1m :    1st Lorraine Trenier Cavan, 2nd Alice Clarke Cavan, 3rd Lorraine TrenierCavan

Cavan Festival 2012

Combined Training: Hannah Donnan and Catherine Mc Nally were 1st and 2nd

Combined Training: Hannah Donnan also qualified for the RDS where she was 4th overall.

Junior Combined Training won by Shane Treanor

Catherine Mc Nally won the Senior individual SJ .

Robbie Bailey team pulled out all the stops to win their competition.

Well done to Gemma Treanor, Ella Garland, Avril Mackarel and Cliodhna Mc Ardle.

This team represented the Monaghan Branch at the Championships in Wexford.

Pure Dressage team –Ruth Mc Kenna, Catherine Mc Nally, Hannah and Lucy Donnan also qualifed for Barnadown by taking 1st place against stiff opposition from neighbouring clubs. 

Classic Show Jumping; Cliona Todd placed in the 1.10m Classic and won the 1.20m  classic and qualified for the All Ireland in Mullingar in September.

10 members qualified for the All Ireland in Barnadown.

RDS 2012 : Hannah Donnan placed 4th in Combined Training (Dressage and Show Jumping)

Games 2012

International Mounted Games: Niall Hughes member of winning Irish Mounted Games Team at Windsor in May 2012   

This is only the 2nd time in 40 yrs that Ireland have won this competition.

Jamie Reavey and Megan Brennan were also selected for international teams

2012 RDS Team placed 4th: Jamie Reavey, Eoin Reavey, Megan Brennan, Marie Louise Hughes and Niall Hughes were 5th  at the RDS.

Eventing 2012 -formally known as One Day Event

At Dromiskin Catherine Mc Nally was 1st in Members, Hannah Donnan was 3rd, Lucy Donnan had a 1st in Dressage and our youngest competitor Paul Mc Phillips was 4th in U12.

Eventing Championship at Tatersalls: Hannah Donnan and Lucy Donnan won their arenas in Dressage

Catherine Mc Nally was 2nd overall in the Members event.


Cavan Festival 20-21/7/11

Well done to the Robbie Baillie Team of Megan Caolan and Shane and Intermediate Team of Grainne Carl Lucy and Sarah

and in particular Martin who qualified in the individual showjumping as did Catherine who won her class (Monaghan superstar!!)

Well done to Shona who came 2nd in junior CT and has qualified for Wexford

Pure dressage team Ruth Sara Niamh & Hannah came 3rd. Martin came 6th in Intermediate CT (and is going to Wexford)

and Catherine and Hannah came first and second in Members CT (qualifying both for Wexford and Catherine for RDS)

Missing from the photo are other riders who successfully competed including Shane,Catherine, Lucy,Carl,Caolan .....

Well done to the under 12 riders who excelled at Cavan Eva 2nd, Michaela 3rd, Ella 4th and Gemma 6th

and in particular (because we initially omitted his name) Paul McP came 4th

in the under 12 - 75cm class - well done Paul .Definately some equestrian superstars in the making


PURE DRESSAGE TEAM                                                    Team came 3rd

Sarah McKenna                        Enagh Lad

Ruth McKenna                           Stonewall Lad               

Lucy Donnan                              Hillmount Chancer(3rd individual)



RED-Intermediate Show Jumping Team


Grainne Cunningham              Knockvea Bobby                           Team came 4th

Sarah McKenna                        Enagh Lad

Lucy Donnan                              Hillmount Chancer

Olivia Johns                              Derryhee Sorocco         



Intermediate Show Jumping Team  - Blue 


Rebecca Brown                        Spirit And Style

Mathew Wright                          cortynan Lad                                 Team came 1st & then 5th at the championships in Mullingar

Catherine McNally                    DG Lions Fort

Clliona Todd                              Baile Oisin



Robbie Bailie - red                                      

Paul Gordon                            Blade Monmurry                                   

Chloe Scott                                Whirlwind Molly

Orla Friel                                      Black Jack Sully                      Team came  5th

Megan Brennan                         Rough terrain          


Robbie Bailie - Blue                                    

Shane  Treanor                         Salara Smokey boy

Niall Hughes                              Dessie

Jamie Reavey                           Shadow CPS                         Team came 4th

Shannon Wright                         Robe Dream


Combined Training Under 12  60cm        

Gema Treanor               Tru Bute             

Michaela Donnelly         Ash Mon Murry                                  Individual placings

Marie-Louise Hughes   Starry            


Combined Training Under 12  75cm       

Chloe Scott                    Whirlwind Molly  


Combined Training Junior class


Grainne Cunningham     Knockvea Bobby 

Ruth McKenna                 Stonewall Lad     (came 3rd and qualified for championships in Mullingar)

Shane Treanor                 Salara Smokey boy

Kevin Hughes                   Four Leafted Paddy                    Individual placings

Paul Gordon                     Blade Monmurry                              

Shannon Wright               Robe Dream           

Shona Greig                     Sparkys Touch       


Combined Training Intermediate class


Sarah McKenna          Enagh Lad 

Clliona Todd                Baile Oisin

Lucy Donnan                Hillmount Chancer

Catherine McNally       DG Lions Fort  (came1st qualified for RDS where she came 4th)

Mathew Wright              Cortynan Lad


Classic Show Jumping 1m Class 

Cliona Todd                    Baile Oisin

Catherine McNally          DG Lions Fort

Rebecca Brown              Spirit And Style

Classic Show Jumping 1.10m Class

Cliona Todd                     Baile Oisin

Catherine McNally            DG Lions Fort





Monaghan Branch Won the LEYLAND LEAGUE  9/11/08



 Individual Placings

Dressage 1st Catherine McNally, 2nd Ruth McKenna,4th Sarah McKenna

  Cross Country 1st Catherine McCarron, 2nd Lucy Donnan

  GameTeams of Two  1st Monaghan Team (Kate Donnan & Shona Greigg)

Area Festival Stradbally Hall, Co. Laois

5th       Good Horsemanship - Area Festival Stradbally Hall, Co. Laois

            for Intermediate Team; Rebecca Brown, Julie McNally,

            Hannah Donnan and Catherine McCarron.


Area 7 Qualifier held at the Cavan Equestrian Center,

Cavan 17th July 2008

Intermediate Show Jumping Competition - Area 7 Qualifier, Cavan

2nd                       Rebecca Brown

                             Julie McNally

                             Hannah Donnan

                             Catherine McCarron  

                             Competed at Stradbally Hall   31//7/08         

3rd                         Edel Reilly

                              Sarah McKenna

                              Edel Cunningham

                              Lucy Donnan

Pure Dressage Competition - 18/7/08

3rd                         Niamh Foley

                              Edel Reilly

                              Hannah Donnan

                              Sara Mc Kenna

Combined Training Competition - 18/7/08

1st H/C      U12            Kevin Hughes

1st             U12            Niall Hughes

4th             U12            Emer McKenna

6th             Junior         Edel Cunningham


Robbie Bailey Show Jumping Competition - 17/7/08

3rd                          Cliona Todd

                                       Rebecca Breakey

                               Karl Connolly

                               Olivia Johns

                               Competed at Stradbally Hall, Co. Laois 31/7/08











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